World Cup 2018 Russia articles  Various pieces written in the course of Russia 2018 including, eventually, a tournament review.

World Cup 2014 Brazil  The end of the world in Belo Horizonte.

2013-14  Atletico Madrid build something special that lasts all the way to the penultimate minute of the season.

2012-13 and 2013 Confederations Cup  Bayern Munich attain a season of powerful perfection, and the dream final of Brazil vs. Spain.

Euro 2012  Spain roll on forever.

2011-12  Chelsea’s last chance, and the beginning of the end for Barcelona.

2010-11  Barcelona and Real Madrid go to war.

World Cup 2010 South Africa  The accidental champion.

2009-10  Eto’o for Ibrahimovic.

2008-09  The beginning of the most unique life-changing phenomenon of Barcelona, and the Battle of Stamford Bridge.

Euro 2008  Armada no longer.

2007-08  Manchester United vs. Chelsea, again and again.

2006-07  The fleeting genius of Kaka, and an unmitigated disaster for Argentina.

World Cup 2006 Germany  Italy’s last hurrah, and the end of the old era.

2005-06  All be upstanding for Ronaldinho.

2004-05  Slapstick Liverpool vs. debonair Milan, and Barcelona and Chelsea usher in a new era.

Euro 2004  The Greece miracle, and the desolation of Portugal.

2003-04  Monaco, Deportivo La Coruña, Porto and the lovely 2004 Champions League.

2002-03  Milan, the phoenix from the ashes, and Real Madrid’s night of the long knives.

World Cup 2002 Korea/Japan  The emptiness.

2001-02  Zidane to Real Madrid, and Bayer Neverkusen.

2000-01  Florentino Perez brings Luis Figo to Real Madrid.

Euro 2000  France vs. Holland, the showdown that wasn’t.

1999-2000  ¡Españamania! Real Madrid begin their dynasty.

1998-99  Manchester United scramble home, and the last challenge from Eastern Europe.

World Cup 1998 France  A World Cup of champions, and the rise and fall of Holland.


Marty Gleason


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