About players: Nick Riewoldt snippets, Jake Stringer’s gift to humanity, the tragic figure of Jobe Watson, Deledio and Griffen’s mistaken choice

Western Bulldogs lost preliminary finals (Adelaide 1997, St Kilda 2009) – Two articles

On Phil Walsh and being a man, July 2015. Walsh died shockingly that month but the question of becoming who we really want to be will always be relevant.

Brent Crosswell, Martin Flanagan and 1970, April 2018.

What becomes of the broken-hearted Mark Knight premiers cartoons? August 2017. Fremantle Premiers 2013, Melbourne Premiers 2000 may not really exist but they still do in poster form.

Hawthorn through five preliminary finals, September 2015. Hawthorn won three consecutive premierships but took time to evolve into their final product. Their matches against Collingwood, Adelaide, Geelong, Port Adelaide and Fremantle were both illustrative and sensational.

Fremantle’s tilt at the flag, April 2015. Their playing style over the 2012-2015 period wasn’t pretty but it was manic and sometimes contagious.

There’s list management, and then there’s selling your soul, October 2016. Really Hawthorn? Sam Mitchell?

Pagan’s Paddock became Pagan’s graveyard, April 2015. Possession, short ball movement and playing the way you’re facing have become the norm.



Comparing dynasties: Who were the greatest dickheads? April 2017. Brisbane 2001-3 or Hawthorn 2013-5? Which three-peat winners were the biggest wankers in AFL history?

Why GWS will never win the premiership, or a history of colour, March 2017. GWS are the stunning favourites to sweep the next half decade of AFL footy – but with those shirts? Ugh.


Marty Gleason 2018